Sparking Faith In Your Home and On the Go!

Family Conversation Coasters
Parent-Little One Conversation Coasters
Mealtime Talk Teasers in a Cup

Each generation will announce to the next your wonderful and powerful deeds.” -Pslam 145:4

There is a well-known saying that Faith is “caught” more than taught.  Children and youth need faith information (taught) but also need to see Christianity lived out (caught).  The most powerful way young people “catch” faith is by watching their parents (as well as grandparents and other important adults in their lives) pray, read the Bible, engage in faith conversations, perform acts of service and practice other spiritual disciplines. 

 Along with FAITH5 we have 3 marvelous resources that can spark faith conversations and activities for families, couples, friends and even relatives far away.  They are:

  •  On The Go Faith
  • Faith Sparkers
  • Make Mealtime Family Time

 These resources are designed to help households engage in the ways of faith and model this practice for children and teens at home and on the go.  They can also be used by couples or between friends as well.  They are powerful tools to help us experience the presence of God anytime, anywhere, for faith that is shared in the home stays rooted in the heart!  We offer monthly hard copies of these resources after worship for those who would like to take them home, or they can be found on our website   We hope you will check out these fun and inspiring resources that can help create stronger connections and bonds between you and your loved ones and also spark a deeper and richer faith in our loving God.

 You must stay deeply rooted and firm in your faith – Colossians 1:23a