We believe in a triune God, Father/Creator, Son/Redeemer and Holy Spirit/Sustainer.  God has created and is still creating all that is and entrusts humanity with the privilege and responsibility to enjoy and care for this creation and all that is in it.


Jesus Christ is the Word of God incarnate, that is, made human, through whom everything was made and through whose life, death, and resurrection God fashions a new creation.  His Gospel (good news) is the power of salvation to all who believe.


The Holy Spirit is the presence and power of Christ within us personally and as the Church which is the Body of Christ.  The Holy Spirit blesses each believer with Gifts for use in the building up of the Church.  The Holy Spirit guides, comforts and gives us joy and peace.


The canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the written Word of God.  Inspired by God’s Spirit speaking through their authors, they record and announce God’s revelation centering in Jesus Christ. Through them God’s Spirit speaks to us to create and sustain Christian faith and fellowship for service in the world.  They are the authoritative source and norm of our proclamation, faith, and life.


All power in the Church belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ, its head.  All actions of the congregation are to be carried out under His rule and authority.  The Church exists both as an inclusive fellowship and as local congregations gathered for worship and Christian service.  We are sent to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming, and sanctifying activity in the world.  Congre­gations find their fulfillment in the universal community of the Church, and the universal Church exists in and through congrega­tions.