The goal of the Evangelism Team is to create opportunities to meet and welcome people to follow Jesus alongside us at Sierra Lutheran.  One simple way we do this is by getting our name out in the community through advertisements, word of mouth from our members, and various social media applications.    For more information, or to join the Evangelism Team, please contact Helen Perdiue (520) 249-8191.

Welcome Center
We extend the ministry of hospitality to both members and visitors coming to worship at Sierra Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We use hospitality to embrace people with God’s heart of love, by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where people feel at home and where strangers can become friends and family.  Please contact Ruth Britton (520) 459-7399 for more information.

Bread Baking
As part of welcoming new members to our congregation, we provide gifts of small loaves of bread.  If you would be interested in joining our team of bakers, please contact Rebecca Dennis (520) 335-8697.